Our Story

The mission of Start is to celebrate those who are creative, selfless, and fearless in the pursuit of greatness.

Who we represent

We represent the 16-year-old dancer from Atlanta that utilizes his platform to provide for his community. The producer from Detroit who created a viral movement. The NYC high-schooler battling to become the first in her family to graduate. "Start" is more than a word, it is a choice with the potential to change lives.

Core Values

Family - Our community of creators and artists stretch across the globe. We are a family of like-minded individuals working to bring our respective visions to life.

Vision - In everything we do, we stand true to our vision while respecting others. We are here to bring ideas to life. There is no idea too big, or too small.

Ambition - Nothing is done without hard work. We believe in the long hours behind a perfect finish. We pour our souls into what we produce the same way our audience does in their craft.


We believe in responsible production. The majority of products we offer are produced by the Start Team in the United States. For other items, we partner with manufacturers who uphold high quality and responsible standards.


Brand Guidelines

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